Biophotonics is the group of techniques that are based on the interaction of light and biological matter.

Light is either employed to collect information (as in bio-imaging or optical diagnostic methods), or to process biological matter (as in light-activated therapies or tissue engineering).

OXXIUS addresses the demand of biophotonics by providing:

-  Stable and low-noise laser sources,
-  A large panel of wavelengths, intented to match commonly used fluorophores,
-  Good beam quality (TEM00, fiber coupling available)
-  Optical combiners to allow an accurate deliver of multiple laser sources

Applications in detail:

  • Fluorescence imaging
  • DNA alalysis, sequencing
  • Confocal / 3D Microscopy, STED
  • Flow / imaging cytometry
  • Optogenetics
  • Ophtalmology

Link to Low Noise DPSS lasers
Link to High performance laser diode modules
Link to Fiber coupling options
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