Green Laser, 532nm, 553nm, Yellow laser , 561nm, 375nm, 405nm, 445nm, 473nm, 488nm, 515nm, 594nm, 633nm, 638nm, 642nm, 660nm, 785nm, DPSS Laser, SLM laser, Wavelengths combiner

Oxxius intends to meet the requirements of cutting-edge applications such as fluorescence analytics, Raman spectroscopy or non destructive testing and metrology.

The product line offers lasers from UV to IR lasers that fit the needs of our customers:

  • Ultra-stable laser modules covering wide range of wavelengths for fluorescence analytics
  • Narrow spectrum, affordable sources for Raman applications
  • Single Longitudinal Mode lasers with outstanding wavelength stability for holography or interferometry applications.
  • High power stability

Oxxius has developed two advanced technologies with a matchless ratio footprint vs power in a unique mechanical design offering best value solutions to the market :

  • The LCX product line with a patented monolithic DPSS architecture,
  • The Oxxius laserboxx based on state-of-the-art laser diodes, integrated in convenient, high performance modules.

Our laser modules are compact with less power consumption ideal for systems which needed a combination of several laser sources.

All Oxxius Laser modules are available in OEM or Plug and Play version, free beam output or fiber-coupled.

Oxxius also offers the laser Combiner with up to six combined wavelengths which integrates standard LaserBoxx DPSS and diode modules.


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