Laser Combiner

The L2C, L4Cc and L6C are compact combining system that integrate LaserBoxx sources (LBX or LCX).
Their modular design allows to combine laser sources amongst a large choice of wavelengths, and deliver their output over either a free space beam or one or several single mode or multimode fibers.

  • The L2C platform integrates up to two LaserBoxx units,
  • The L4Cc is a compact platform integrating up to four LaserBoxx units and up to two accousto-optic modulators (AOM)
  • The L6C platform integrates up to six LaserBoxx units

Key features

  • Up to 6 wavelengths combined
  • SM/PM or MM fiber coupling option
  • Optional multiple outputs
  • Laser virtualization: a DPSS laser inside the combiner, linked to an AOM, is interfaced as an adjustable laser source
  • Easy upgrade or maintenance
  • USB computer interface
  • Direct modulation

Detailed specifications

L4Cc specifications - 2017 L4Cc specifications - 2017
L2C and L6C specifications - 2016 L2C and L6C specifications - 2016

An example of application : Photo-activated localization microscopy (PALM)
(courtesy of Université de Rennes 1)