Laser Combiner

The L2C, L4Cc and L6Cc are compact combining system that integrate LaserBoxx sources (LBX or LCX).
Their modular design allows to combine laser sources amongst a large choice of wavelengths, and deliver their output over either a free space beam or one or several single mode or multimode fibers.

  • The L2C platform integrates up to two LaserBoxx units,
  • The L4Cc and L6Cc are the most compact and flexible all-in-one multicolor laser sources, with up to 7 LaserBoxx units. Extension modules provide the ultimate level of flexibility with up to 4 optical fiber outputs

Key features

  • From 2 to 7 wavelengths combined
  • Up to 1W per wavelength
  • Direct modulation: analog, digital or both combined
  • SM/PM or MM fiber coupling option
  • Optional multiple outputs
  • Laser virtualization: a DPSS laser inside the combiner, linked to an AOM, is interfaced as an adjustable laser source
  • Easy upgrade or maintenance
  • USB computer interface
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Compatible with µManager environment

Modularity is key

The L4Cc/L6Cc combiner is a true modular device. The options that are offered are very broad and extendable on demand, to cover the majority of market requirements for microscopy or other applications. Available options and modules :
• Multi-outputs (MM, SM, PM or free space)
• Dual-port output (LSFM)
• 30Hz fast switch mirror (TIRF/ FRAP)
• Motorized flip mirror (microscope sharing)
• Step neutral density filter (down to μW level)
• SuK(TM) or Kineflex(TM) fiber coupling

Detailed specifications

L4Cc and L6Cc specifications - Jan 2019 L4Cc and L6Cc specifications - Jan 2019
L2C specifications - 2016 L2C specifications - 2016

An example of application : Photo-activated localization microscopy (PALM)
(courtesy of Université de Rennes 1)